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Glossary of Terms and Acronyms in The World Clicks

.NETThe .NET Framework is Microsoft's comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications. (from
ACCAir Canada Centre
AdSenseA Google service which lets content publishers make money by displaying ads.
AdWordsA Google service providing advertisers a search-based vehicle to advertise their goods and services.
Affiliate SiteAlternate term initially used by Lane to describe a URL associated with the Flagship URL,
Alexa.comTool to measure traffic and other Web Metrics.
AMCAll My Children
APIApplication Programming Interface - essentially tools to make programming easier.
AVAlain Vigneault
BotThere are several definitions, but in TWC context, they are programs that operate as an agent for a user and can simulate human activity.
BotnetAn organized collection of bots
BSODBlue Screen of Death
CaptchaCompletely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Captcha is a program that protects against bots by forcing users to perform basic tests (that humans can pass but computer programs cannot).
CBJColumbus Blue Jackets
Compete.comTool used to measure traffic and other Web Metrics.
CTOChief Technology Officer
DWHData Warehouse
FlagshipIn TWC parlance, the parent site:
HNICHockey Night in Canada, a television show produced by CBC Sports. An institution in Canada; a national treasure.
HostingThe business of storing, serving, and maintaining files and applications which comprise a Website.
IISMicrosoft Internet Information Services
ISPInternet Service Provider
KernelThe core code of a computer system, usually in reference to Operating Systems.
LBDLittle Black Dress
LOALeave of Absence
OCDObsessive Compulsive Disorder
OLTPOnline Transaction Processing
OSOperating System
PCProgressive Conservatives
PMProject Manager
PRPublic Relations
PropertyTerm to describe a URL associated with the Flagship URL,
QAQuality Assurance. Often a synonym for structured testing.
Quantcast.comTool used to measure traffic and other Web Metrics.
RURegistered User
SQLStructured Query Language (not particular to Microsoft)
SQL ServerA relational database server from Microsoft. Used frequently with .NET.
TWCThe World Clicks
Trillford TechnologiesAn elite management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company with a strong Vancouver presence.
UIUser Interface
URLWeb address. E.g.
VCVenture Capitalist
XPWindows XP