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Caterina (Cat) LingAn expert in marketing and public relations, Cat may be a perfect fit for Lane in more ways than one.
Gino CaponiAgent for VC multi-millionaire Milt Warren, Gino tackles projects with the single-minded resolve of The Terminator.
Ivan LeeLane's manager at Trillford Technologies.
Jack WalkerA Trillford VP, Ivan Lee's boss.
JessicaCat's best friend.
Johnny MurphyLane's best pal is a glib slacker coasting pleasantly in life's fast lane. A definitive connector, a social heathen who sucks more from life than most.
Kevin SchindlerAn old friend of Lane's from SFU, Kevin has branched into American politics using American citizenship and his father's connections.
LanceA rich ne'er-do-well with access to VC money and resources.
Lane CraigThe narrator, Lane is 30 years old and restless with corporate IT. A geeky wizard of Web programming, he dreams of greatness and believes his idea will take him there.
LilyJohnny's early love interest, branch manager of bank where Johnny launched his career.
Mario BaroniA Director at Western Gas and Pipeline, Mario's aggressive, intimidating demeanour ensures tasks get done, but wreaks havoc on office moral.
Matt O'ReillyJessica's boyfriend.
Miles MerseyHard-living member of Lane's inner circle.
Milt WarrenA Venture Capitalist known for picking horses wisely.
Raja DhillonAn old friend of Lane's from SFU with a penchant for recreational tennis.
RebeccaLove interest of Johnny's.
Ronald JacobsA Web design guru with a proclivity for the seedy underbelly of life.
SeanGay 25 year old.
Thomas CarterA long-time friend of Lane's, Thomas' freaky high IQ is complemented by a surly demeanour. There's a sense he keeps secrets, even from friends.
TinaLove interest of Johnny's.