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A powerful idea has descended on Lane Craig, a 30-year old corporate gunslinger who dreams of greatness. Simple beyond belief, powerful beyond measure, the idea refuses to go away. Lane knows that if managed properly, a new electronic organism will emerge and transform the Internet and his life forever.

A geeky wizard of Web programming, Lane knows he can't do it alone. Fortunately, suitable partners are nearby. Best pal Johnny is a glib slacker coasting pleasantly in life's fast lane. Long-time friend Thomas, he of the freaky high IQ, has grown surly in recent years. Downright awkward. What's he hiding? It is only the addition of hard-charging newcomer Gino that galvanizes the team's momentum.

Will the idea triumph? Will it derail in a tumult of testosterone and alcohol? A brave face does not mask Lane's self-doubt and paranoia. Nor does new love interest Cat, a striking beauty with a no-nonsense attitude.

But as the saying goes, even paranoid people have enemies. Especially when it comes to Internet riches.

Set in Vancouver, British Columbia, The World Clicks is no science fiction tale. The idea is real. It will be developed. The prescription is in the pages of the book. In its simplest form, it's a grand dare to Web developers everywhere. Who has what it takes? Who wants it?

Time will tell...