About the Book

The World Clicks is not just a book. It's an idea. A concept. At present, the concept has not been developed and deployed to the Web.

Not yet!

The recipe is here, as well as a dramatization of the world's reaction. Is it science fiction? Perhaps. As Vinton Cerf famously stated: "Science fiction does not remain fiction for long. And certainly not on the Internet."

Because of the concept's simplicity and power, Mr. Cerf's words will be prophetic. Is it simple? Can't get simpler than a page with one button. Is it powerful? It has unprecedented potential to unite and polarize humanity!

Who will build it first? And best? Because when built, they will come.

The World Clicks is not only for techies or connoisseurs of fiction. The book will resonate with students, bloggers, programmers, professors, Tweeters and anyone who likes hockey.

In other words, everyone.

Book Cover