About the Author

One day I got a neat idea. I tried to shrug it off, but it was persistent. Relentlessly persistent.

I was left with no choice. Develop the damn thing. This was late 2006. Within six months, momentum faded for a bunch of reasons (mostly time and money). But the idea remained. Like I said, it was persistent.

I also love fiction. Always knew I'd write a book one day. In a flash, a perfect synergy materialized. An opportunity to combine literature and entrepreneurialism.

The outcome is The World Clicks. What happens next is pure speculation. Who will build it first? How closely will life imitate art? How big will it grow? And how fast?

Time will tell. Meanwhile, I recommend you read the book.

K.M. Breakey is an IT professional, writer and dreamer. To learn more, visit kmbreakey.com.